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Music Video!
Please visit the Music Lounge and check out Paul's new music video "Streak Of Bad Luck". 

Paul Taylor's One Man's Blues Solo Mojo Tour.  
The Solo Mojo Tour is back.  In May and July the Mojo Solo Tour will be in Colorado. Check the Concert Dates page for detailed information.

On Paul is working on new music in studio.  Paul is currently working with bassist and singer, Rick Brown on Ricks original music and a few covers.   Simultaneously Taylor is busy writing and recording a new blues EP. "Being back in Texas has really influenced a different sound I want to create."
2019 Perfomances.
In February Paul will be appearing with G"Jai Juke Joint Band for two dates.  Check the Concert Dates page for detailed information.
Paul Taylor's One Man Solo Blues Show
-Miles Davis
On Tour

Artist, Chris Clark, hooked me up with a portrait he entitled, "The Blues Man."  I think he captured my persona perfectly.  Chris is a awesome painter.  

You have to know 400 notes that you can play, then pick the right four...
Concert Dates
Music Lounge

On Keyboards  
photo album: Recently Paul got a chance to hang out with Brett Taylor, bassist and Paul's brother, and  some very good friends and fellow musicians, Harry Jackson, Jr., guitar, and Howard Johnson, drums. This is the Original Brim Brothers Band. 
(Left to right.  Harry Jackson Jr, Paul Taylor, Howard Johnson, Brett Taylor).
On Drums
Download The "Streak Of Bad Luck" EP Now...
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